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Antique Moonstone Jewelry Investing

The moonstone was popular as an affordable but attractive semi-precious stone throughout both the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. With the renewed interest in moonstones and moonstone jewelry, it is possible to genuinely invest in antique moonstone jewelry and make a profit. Antique moonstone jewelry is very easy to find in the online market now due to the popularity of websites like eBay, Christies and Polyvore. These sites sell stunning and valuable moonstone jewelry such as antique rings, pendants, earrings and bracelets.

The retail price of antique moonstone jewelry varies quite significantly online, so it is important to know exactly what quality of moonstone jewelry you are getting.  As a general rule, the value of antique moonstone jewelry is determined the period of its origin, the rarity of the moonstone used as well as the current demand in the market.

Best Antique Moonstone Jewelry Periods

Victorian Period

There are quite a lot of Victorian antique moonstone jewelry pieces out there as during the eighteenth century moonstones began to be used instead of more expensive gems. They were often used in designs with the stone garnet and yellow gold and are very popular among buyers today. It is possible to find some antique moonstone jewelry in Edwardian designs also.

Art Deco Period

Other periods that valued the moonstone include the Art Deco period from the 1920s to the 1930s.There is a significant amount of demand for the old estate jewelry from the USA that belongs to this period.

  • Art Nouveau Period

The moonstone was also very popular with the Art Nouveau movement when French goldsmiths used this stone to produce many pieces of jewelry. As such, there is a lot of antique moonstone jewelry from this era around and they offer tremendous value for the ardent jewelry collector.

Top Antique Moonstone Jewelry Options

When it comes to moonstones and moonstone jewelry, the greater the transparency of the stone the more expensive it is. Moonstones are almost always cut cabochon, to put the stone at a great enough height for the light to play across it to show off the magic rainbow shimmer that moonstones are famous for. Popular fetching antique moonstone jewelry designs include a vintage English design whereby five bright and large cabochons are set next to each other on a ring with ribbed shoulders and scrolled edging.

Antique moonstone rings are by far the most common items out there on the market although it is possible to find the occasional bracelet or necklace. An antique moonstone ring on average costs $400, but can go higher depending on the quality of the ring and its finish.For example, expect to pay more for moonstones set in quality yellow gold or in white gold.

Moonstone pins are very common and can be less expensive than buying an antique rings, necklace or earrings.In stickpin moonstone pins, the designs with rainbow moonstones with garnet set in yellow gold are the most valued.

Blue moonstones are also in great demand at present as they are rarer than most other moonstones and many owners are reluctant to sell them easily. As such the prices offered for antique blue moonstone jewelry is always on the rise.

Antique moonstone jewelry comes in many forms and it is important that any prospective investor in these semi precious stones makes sure to learn what to look for and know what price to pay. The stone has been loved for its beauty for many decades and the moonstone is not likely to lose any of its appeal in the near future so investing in an antique piece is a good alternative to gold.


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